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The time space rift alternate scene Lucina's death by ayumuobessed
The time space rift alternate scene Lucina's death
An alternate fan scene which features Lucina from Fire Emblem series as a guest character.  Earlier on Mephiles blinded Elise and Sonic who were continuing their stroll. Mephiles roses in the air and launches an energy beam that is about to kill Sonic. But there is a twist Sonic actually survives as Lucina ultimately sacrificed herself to save him. Lucina yells "LOOK OUT!!!" and saves Sonic by pushing him aside saving his life. Unfortunately Lucina ends up getting impaled instead which cause Elise to cry releasing Iblis. later on after being transported to the space rift Elise is cradling Lucina who is dying in her arms and Sonic breaking down in tears after Lucina sacrificed herself from Mephiles  attack that originally was supposed to kills him.                                   Sonic belongs to Sega.                       Lucina from Fire Emblem belongs to Nintendo/Intelligent systems
Super Smash Bros Kannazuki No Miko by ayumuobessed
Super Smash Bros Kannazuki No Miko
My random Smash Bros yaoi couple I kinda put together Shulk the monado boy and Mega Man the super fighting robot. I colored it and it took me till midnight to finish it.
For the background I drew the stage of Guar Plains and Wily's Castle. You can see the bracelet that Shulk is wearing Mega Man made for him. The pose was from the ending Kannazuki No Miko.                                                                                                    Shulk (C) Nintendo / Moonlithsoft.                                                                                  Mega Man (C) Capcom
Mega Man wallpaper by ayumuobessed
Mega Man wallpaper
I took a snapshot of Mega Man ready to infiltrate Wily's Castle.  Comment of what wallpaper character you like   for your desktop                                                                                                                                                                                          Mega Man(C) Capcom


United States
Well I'm a sweet loving person who loves anime since 8th grade. I became a total anime Fan ever since and start showing people my drawings and my anime pictures and they liked it. My favorite game of all is super smash bros brawl and my top eight favorite fighters are
8Zero Suit Samus
I dream of one day becoming a Japanese animator and create my own anime show and broadcast it live...
I go to College Of The Canyons I'm majoring in Animation why because i love to draw and imagine to what I view in my own eye.

Favourite style of art: Japanese Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Lelouch lamperouge
Personal Quote: Anime rocks
Anime Expo is almost near
Anime expo is just two months away I can't wait whoo hoo I'm going to cosplay this year.
I plan to dress up as Tai from the koei game mystic heroes.  And Vic is going to be there yay
I'm so nervous yet excited to meet him if I see him I'll probably wimp out but my sisters will be there
and tell me not to wimp out. I'm gonna buy DVDS, Manga, and merchandise as well.

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PrjoectOtaku Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015  Student Writer
You should draw some more of Isuka-chan! I am, and was, waiting to see if you'd draw more of her. ^.^

I've been trying to draw nude photos of her but I don't like my colouring in and drawing. >.> I need to work on the female body more. Not to say I know more of the males body more. I barely know more of neither of them. I mostly ace is upper body parts such as the shoulders, neck, and head. That's about it. It's a new level for me to be working on the entire body. And I think I'm doing terrible... v.v However! If I were to look at a different aspect; I see it I'm doing quite well. If I have a talent for this. I'd make a lot more of Isuka.


Theres this ultimate outfit she wears. I've done incridbale amount of research and could never find more of her in it. So, I'm going to do a lot of drawing and aspecting to try and create her with her full ultimate form. It'll take me a year or so to finish it. I hope you come to like, and to even, comment on it. I'd like that. ^.^ Can't wait to hear from you!
ayumuobessed Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015
Sure thing I would be happy to 😊
After seeing the Isuka stuff, I know there's also a manga. Not sure which came out first nor if it's still going.
ayumuobessed Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015
There is only one volume it called mahou Isuka after school.
I think there's also a game that came with it. Perhaps that was first?
Hmm, thought there were more, but I guess not. That like a prologue, AU, epilogue, or otherwise?
ayumuobessed Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015
Epilogue of the game 
(1 Reply)
PrjoectOtaku Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015  Student Writer
Check out my awesome art work of Isuka-chan!

I gotta say this as to be my best work yet! Though, I think I could've done a tad bit better on her cheeks and chin, to make her look a bit more adorable. I was frustrated when I reached her head. Gone through many trails in trying to figure out a good form. And, that's what I ended up doing!
I really enjoy her in this pose! 
In fact! 
I have it as my desktop background right now! hhaaahaa
ayumuobessed Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
I saw it Great job 😊
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