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3ds game collection plus bonus stuff I have by ayumuobessed
3ds game collection plus bonus stuff I have
This is my current game collection for the 3ds I have for a while I have a total of eleven 3ds games I have for a while plus I have two guide books and ten kid icarus uprising AR cards
Me and the Mr Duck by ayumuobessed
Me and the Mr Duck
While feeding the ducks one of the ducks flew close to me I did not freak out but stayed calm and not screamed
Never Ending Nightmares Thomas by ayumuobessed
Never Ending Nightmares Thomas
I just watch the gameplay footage of this game and it was scary. The drawing of the game looks creepy and I kinda freaked out at some parts including that giant muscular baby that chases you and then crushes you to death.
Oh Crap! by ayumuobessed
Oh Crap!
What happens if the character doom guy from doom become the night watch at freddy frazbear pizzeria things might get a little bizarre. Watch this video XD…
Foxy the Pirate by ayumuobessed
Foxy the Pirate
Foxy human version Geez I seriously don't like this guy. He killed me 10 times when I played it I remembered that you have to keep checking pirate cove or something and then a while later you hear foxy running and he appears on your left door.


United States
Well I'm a sweet loving person who loves anime since 8th grade. I became a total anime Fan ever since and start showing people my drawings and my anime pictures and they liked it. My favorite game of all is super smash bros brawl and my top eight favorite fighters are
8Zero Suit Samus
I dream of one day becoming a Japanese animator and create my own anime show and broadcast it live...
I go to College Of The Canyons I'm majoring in Animation why because i love to draw and imagine to what I view in my own eye.

Favourite style of art: Japanese Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Lelouch lamperouge
Personal Quote: Anime rocks
Anime Expo is almost near
Anime expo is just two months away I can't wait whoo hoo I'm going to cosplay this year.
I plan to dress up as Tai from the koei game mystic heroes.  And Vic is going to be there yay
I'm so nervous yet excited to meet him if I see him I'll probably wimp out but my sisters will be there
and tell me not to wimp out. I'm gonna buy DVDS, Manga, and merchandise as well.

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Angelic-Blossoms Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
Well hello there, haven't seen you in a long time~
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Hi I've been busy lately
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Busy with school?
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avatarchrisrocks Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012
konichiwa :D
ayumuobessed Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012
Konichiwa to you too how have you been I finally got a 3DS yay along with two games like Star Fox 64 3D and Mario kart 7 it's so much fun. Plus I reserved Kid Icarus uprising which it's coming out in March yay.
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ayumuobessed Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
all right then.
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Welcome to :iconthe-da-ranger-group:!! :dummy:
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